The Data Protection Officer | DPO (in Italian Responsabile della Protezione dei dati | RPD) is a figure introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 | GDPR, published in the European Official Journal L. 119 on 4 May 2016 and which is mandatory in certain sectors and for certain processing activities.

The DPO is a professional (whether internal or external to the company) who must have a role in the company that entails legal, IT, risk management and process analysis skills.

His main task is to observe, assess and organise the management of personal data (and thus their protection) inside a company, either public or private, to ensure that such processing is done in compliance with the European and national privacy regulations.

The Data Protection Officer is also the contact point for the Supervisory Authority and the data subject.

The “DPO Professional Service” department of Labor Project offers a services contract (Art. 37, par. 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation|GDPR|EU Reg. 2016/679) and an experienced team that shall deal with the compliance with the provisions of art. 39 of GDPR on behalf of the customer.

The Services offered to the Data Controller or the Data Processor are, without limitation:

  • Inform and provide advice on the obligations deriving from the Privacy regulations
  • Monitor the compliance with the EU Privacy Regulation and with other national Privacy regulations.
  • Check that the Data Controller assign responsibility, sensitize and instruct his staff on the privacy policy
  • Provide an opinion on the data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and monitor its development
  • Cooperate with the supervisory authority and act as the contact point also in cases of Prior Check or Data Breach.

The “DPO Professional Service” department of Labor Project has a team of Lawyers, Privacy Consultants and Data Protection Officers certified by Bureau Veritas Italia according to the UNI 11697 standard.
Labor Project is a IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) Bronze Sponsor, with its Team Leader being a IAPP member.

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