Inter-professional funds are used by enterprises in all sectors to finance the continuing training of their employees and for coaching activities.

Accessing these financing tools does not engender costs for the enterprise, that has only to notify its intention of joining the chosen inter-professional fund when filing the annual contribution returns with INPS. The current legislation allows companies to allocate 0.30% of their compulsory levy paid to INPS to the training of their employees. This does not entail any additional costs for the company, as said 0.30% levy is compulsory and would be paid in any case.

Labor Project can support the customer in applying for the most suitable fund, by presenting the relevant training plans top the chosen Fund, with particular focus on Fondimpresa.

The ISO 9001:2015 certification and the Accreditation for the Lombardy Region also allow us to design and implement ad hoc training projects, including in E – Learning mode.

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